Jan 31, 2009

Susan on "Morning Show With Mike & Juliet"

Three years ago I wrote an essay about my misadventures in internet dating, which I titled "Rejected by eHarmony. " Because for one thing, I WAS rejected by eHarmony. I took their personality test three times and they rejected me. The fourth time I was on percoset and I passed. Anyway, I wrote the essay, and I guess a lot of people get rejected by eharmony, because if you google "rejected by eharmony" my blog piece comes in first.

So Thursday, someone from Fox TV's "Morning Show With Mike & Juliet" called, one thing led to another, and they're flying me out to New York to be on the show on Tuesday. If you are home, or you want to set your TiVo, tape the Tuesday edition of Mornings with Mike & Juliet


Madley said...

I'm up in the Bay Area for awhile but will set my alarm to watch it this morning! (BTW, it's MIKE and Juliet... and I only know that because I worked on a health and fitness show with him 25 years ago...)

Break a leg!

PS Eharmony set me up with a guy I'd been with in NY but was now in LA... hey, there was a REASON we weren't together! Needless to say, I'm not using them anymore...

Stephanie said...

Just saw it. Just want to say ...

Hooray for complex thinkers!

And hooray for Susan and Larry!

(And they FLEW YOU THERE for that little snippet of conversation?)

(And I like your hair and LOVE your necklace.)

That was cool. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Anonymous said...

You looked great, you sounded great, you were funny, and yes! VINDICATED AT LAST! HA-HA-HA!
(Think Errol Flynn.)

I didn't know they flew you to NuYawk though. Larry didn't mention that part. How very cosmopolitan of you!!

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