Jun 17, 2010

Green Coffins

I never want to be buried in a fancy coffin.  I figure, if I don't get cremated, I'd want to be buried in the cheapest pine box. No formaldehyde, just me in a suit.

There are these new "green" cemeteries. You can have your ashes buried in the woods, marked by small, simple markers. That might be a little too granola green for me. I'd be fine being buried next to my parents if Larry doesn't mind being buried in Costa Mesa.

I found these on the website Ship Of Fools. Cardboard coffins that will compost quickly, designed from what looks like Windows XP wallpaper. You can get anything on your coffin, from your favorite sports team to your favorite vodka. Ack!  Noticably absent are any religious themes.  But you can get poker or rocks on your coffin or a lame joke. This one hit a little too close to home ...

I must admit, I did like this one...

But I'd rather have the image of Jesus on the coffin. No offense to the fab four ...

Jun 16, 2010

The Birthday Party

Tony Campolo tells the story of being awake at 3am in Honolulu, and meeting a pack of prostitutes, one who's about to have a birthday. I've read this story in print, can't remember where. Someone made it into a short film. But nothing beats the story as Tony Campolo tells it.

Do you go to a church like that?

Jun 15, 2010

Thomas Kinkade, painter of light, in a dark spot

Thomas Kinkade was just arrested on a DUI. Bummer.  Maybe he can put up a few paintings as bail. That is if they're not fakes. Apparently he's also in trouble for shipping fakes to galleries.  Oops. I know some people love his stuff. He never quite did it for me.   I found a few of his paintings, tweaked, on  somethingawful.com,  a site where snarky people do snarky things.   Take these Kinkade paintings that have been photoshopped for ironic, snark effect:

Okay so they get a little dark. But the Verizon guy in the bushes was pretty funny.
This one is my second-favorite.

This is my absolute favorite. I once saw it in a fake ad on either larknews or ship-of-fools

Thomas Kinkade Toilet Paper
Stick the painter of light where the sun never shines.

Come on, that's genius!

What about you? Do you like Kinkade? Did you like him before he got over-saturated? (not soused as in the above-mentioned DUI) I mean, he might be good like CSI or Glee.

Jun 8, 2010

Christian Music Recording Session

A session musician sent this to me.
Whoever made this knows too much.

Jun 3, 2010


A friend of mine told me about this new show, Outsourced, about a guy who's hired to run a Call Center American Novelties, a kind of joint that sells singing trout to fake barf. But the call center gets outsourced to India, so he has to move. It's based on an indie movie made in 2006.

Here's the extended trailer that NBC put up on YouTube. It looks funny. Like a cross between "Community" meets "Slumdog Millionaire." It looks like they're going to tread all over every east-indian stereotype there is. but maybe that's the point. The friend that told me about it IS East-Indian, and she thought it looked good.

Jun 2, 2010

Beware of the Doghouse

This is what you call an extended commercial. They really tell a story, but in the end it's selling a product. Well, product placement is all over network TV and movies.  At least this isn't trying to hide it. I think it's hysterical. I know one of the actors in it, I think it was shot in New York.

It was such a hit, they did a follow up.