Feb 5, 2009

Video Link to the Fox Show

If you missed my appearance on Mornings with Mike and Juliet, I was part of a panel, talking about various dating websites. I feel somewhat vindicated for being rejected by eHarmony. According to the eharmony spokesperson who was also on the show, I got rejected because I was a "complex thinker."

You can watch it here or there.


Maureen said...

Thanks for sharing the video Susan. This was one of my favorite posts of yours....and we all knew you were a complex thinker (I loved how everyone was scrambling to make the 'simpleton' couple not feel bad :)

Dwell in possibility said...

How great to see you again! You did a great job, and I think it's unfortunate to exclude those who think critically about the world and see the world as a complex place. Thanks for putting yourself out there!


Bryan Allain said...

Erica and I watched...you did great!

Stephanie said...

You know what, Susan? If they wanted to do an actual "story" about this topic, they should have asked you how your story ended!

Douglas LeBlanc said...

Good for you, Susan, for being willing to tell this self-effacing and humorous story under the glaring lights of morning TV.

May this episode inspire someone to create a complex thinker's version of eHarmony -- and I'm not thinking of Mensa.

Larry said...

And I, for one, will be forever grateful that eHarmony rejected you ... because your complexity is just so, well, perfect.

Susan Isaacs said...

I know, they knew my happy ending, but with six guests on the show I was on and off and no chance to get to the Larry part of the story.

Stephanie said...

Hm! A comment from Larry ... so ... you haven't shut him up in a closet or lost him somewhere or something. Sure would be good to see a blog again ... I'm just sayin.

Susan Isaacs said...

Sigh. I know, he needs to start a private blog. Some potential employers read something and took it the wrong way, so he deleted his whole blog. I was crushed!

Michael Pitts said...

Good job Susan. I could see you in a film about the foibles of internet dating :-).

Too bad they didn't get into the similarities vs. differences approach in matchmaking. That's eHarmony's achilles heel in my POV. That said, it's a good place to start if you are afraid of internet dating. Compared to other sites eHarmony is online dating with training wheels.

aazmom said...

Hey Susan,

First off, you looked gorgeous. Classy, and warm, and (lol) rich.

Secondly, you came off as funny and articulate - not a trace of bitter, which I think is wonderful. I don't of course think you are bitter, it's just in that format it would have been easy to be misconstru-able and you weren't.
You made good points succinctly.

Thirdly, may I just add that after reading the above comments on your blog about simpletons I was amused to hear the beginning voice-over for the segment spoken so c-l-e-a-r-l-y (and the hands touching on what first glance I thought were prison bars made me laugh outright.) But overall I thought the segment was nice and the hosts seemed respectful and the wide variety of guests was good.

I think you can be really proud of your part in this!

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