Feb 22, 2007

Cats Sleep in the Strangest Places

Honey does have a cat bed. She rarely touches it.

Now that we're married...

And it's too late for divorce, Larry's friends have been showing me some incriminating photos of my dear husband. Photos that might call into question Larry's true nature, and therefore my wisdom in marrying him so soon.

Take for example the photo at left. Apparently back in 2002, Larry and Ted Rooney (L) started a "love commune" at their church. Larry was looking for more of a 1960s hippie "love in" and Ted envisioned a Studio 54 harem. They parted company over "creative differences." That, and when the church discovered their activities.

Later, Larry teamed up with Debbie and Doug to form "Kingdom Now," where members live out their fantasies of Heaven in the present. Kinda like Dungeons and Dragons for Jesus freaks.
Debbie believed the Little Mermaid was the true "Bride of Christ. "
Doug appointed himself a modern-day Gandalf and began casting "salvation" spells on cute women to get them into the church.
Larry stayed true to his visionof the 1960s Peace and Love. However, as this picture shows, Doug misfired a spell and Larry ended up in a pretty-girl dress.
Good thing Doug didn't aim lower, or I wouldn't be married today.

Even if these pictures are odd, I feel secure knowing Larry has stayed true to his original vision: to bring the kingdom of God now, with love and peace.

But does he have to be prettier than me?

Feb 5, 2007

Apple Computer, Beatles' Apple Settle Lawsuit

Apple Corps, the Beatles' record label, agreed to settle a trademark lawsuit with Apple Computers, over the tech giant using the name “Apple” on its iTunes music store.

Now that the Beatles and Apple have agreed to “let it be,” Yoko Ono has moved on. She's suing Gwenyth Paltrow for using the Apple name on her daughter.