Feb 8, 2010

SNL like it used to be: Good

My apologies for the lack of original posts lately. I have one juicy blog post coming. Meanwhile, enjoy a clip from a recent SNL and remember how good it used to be.

Feb 5, 2010

New TV and Film Demo

I just re-edited my TV and Film Demo Reel. I don't have my Parks & Recreation gig on that yet, it doesn't air until March 4. I also don't have my commercial reel on this. That will come in a separate file. But here it is. Enjoy.

Feb 4, 2010

Hey Brother

More from the wonderful Tony Hale

"Rejected by eHarmony" on Fox

Finally! I got a hold of the footage of a Fox Morning show I did last year.  They interviewed me on the fact I got rejected by eHarmony three times.


Feb 1, 2010

A Video Interview: is God Good?

A month ago I had the pleasure to meet Craig and Sara Spinks of Recycle Your Faith. They are traveling the country, meeting people and taping interviews about all sorts of spiritual matters.   When they stopped to interview me, the subject got around to one of those super easy questions: Is God Good?
Watch to see what I said ...

God is Good? from Recycle Your Faith

If you have trouble viewing this clip, check out the link at Recycle Your Faith.

Picking Dandelions

Sarah Cunningham's new memoir comes out today. it's called Picking Dandelions: A Search for Faith Among Life's Weeds.  Sarah describes herself as: a moderate middle-class white girl who grew up in the Michigan countryside, but speaks about God with humor and honesty more characteristic of liberal west-coast writers. Anne Lamott is one of her faves.

Sarah's memoir pulls stories from Sarah's quirky childhood living next to a cemetery, her work with inner city teens, her relief efforts at Ground Zero and her grandmother's life as a British war bride. Unlike some faith and spirituality writers, Sarah's stories don't shy away from dysfunction and flaws or from making fun of them, which makes for an entertaining journey as she outgrows laissez-faire faith and evolves into an ever-changing person. The snippets from Sarah's life, which explore various changes over the course of her life, are loosely connected by the theme "humans can't afford the luxury of unchanged living."

Read more about Sarah at her website or pick up her book today!