Jan 17, 2009

lol pastors

Some of you have visited icanhascheezburger, where you'll find odd pictures of cats with user-submitted captions. If you're not a fan of cats, don't worry: this post is leading away from cats.

It's interesting to observe a website develop, like stuffonmycat.com or cuteoverload.com. The site takes on its own sense of content, style and community. Take content: Someone submitted a picture of a cat that had been startled. The caption was, "Invisible Bike." Others submitted their own "invisible" photos such as Invisible Window Installation and Invisible Macy's parade. Some of them are really funny. Some aren't.

This one, "Im in ur briefcase, peein on ur memoz" is part of another content string, "Im in ur office party, Im in ur fridge, et al.

Which brings up style: contributors like to use a kind of hip-hop txt msg grmr, mebbe cuz da nayshun is gettin stoopid. Or cuz it's supposa be kewl.

Enough cats. A month ago, fellow Burnside Blog contributor Chad Gibbs wrote a post, LOL Pastors; using some of the grammar gimmicks, and taking pastor pics. Like a pic of Mark Driscoll, Billy Graham and ... that cute boy with the massive church in texas. Best Life Now guy. Forget his name.

Anyway, the post was a hit. Some of us did our own lol pastors, as well. Aaron Donley, who's a genius and obsessive compulsive, couldn't stop creating his own, so he started the lol pastors blog.

Of course it's one thing to make funny comments about cats, and quite another to make comments about people. It can turn mean. So we'll try to limit the sarcasm to "social commentary" or irony or pathos. And do it in fun.
We also won't avoid dead people (they're safer), or other religious figures/ideas (ripe for commentary!). I've got some lol contributions coming up featuring the Dalai Lama, Fanny Crosby, John Calvin and James Dobson. Some of whom are dead. Here's my lolpastor contribution for today: Kali, The Destroyer.

So check into the lol pastors blog!

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