Mar 17, 2010

Male Bake Off: The Cake of Foreskins

I really do love the blogosphere. My friend Bryan Allain emailed me to tell me his friend Kari Bauman had read my book and blogged about it. Kari had actually emailed me just a few hours before.  It was a very kind post indeed.  What I really loved, is she mentioned that she and her husband enjoyed the part in my book when God and Jesus were snickering about the hill of foreskins (and they say there aren't any jokes in the bible?). 

The previous year her husband  entered a Male Bake-Off at her church. Every Super Bowl Sunday, the men show off their creative baking skills before the kick off.

Her husband baked a cheesecake with peanut butter topping and chocolate shavings, and called it the Foreskins Hill cake.  He won the award for "Most Biblical." I wonder what won the following year? I mean, how could you top that?!

Thanks to Mike and Kari Bauman for letting me post this picture.  Visit her blog to find out more.


Kristin Russell said...

That is awesome! Having a son made me appreciate the whole circumcision debate. And dad's are totally obsessed with their son's penises: does it look right, is it infected, etc. etc. This cake isn't only funny, but it looks delicious. I want to. . . um. . . nevermind.

Kari said...

I don't remember what won Most Biblical the next year but I do know that he won Muy Macho the next year for his Whore of Babylon Red Velvet Cake. hee hee.

Bryan Allain said...

mmm foreskins.

(sorry, just figured this would be the only time i'd get to type that.)

Susan Isaacs said...

Kari you're kidding. The Whore of Babylon red velvet cake? I bet your church has a very lively singles group.

Kari said...

I would never kid about such a thing. Here you go:

Susan Isaacs said...

Kari: Awesome. With a Barbie in the middle! Word of caution: might not want to let your husband bake an Ezekiel 16:17 cake. That could go horribly wrong.

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