Mar 11, 2010

Change Your Life! official trailer

Here's the official trailer for the mockumentary, Change Your LIfe, that I filmed a couple of years ago. It's a Christopher Guest style mockumentary exposing the multilevel marketing industry.  It stars Tony Plana (Betty's father on Ugly Betty), Ada Maris, Wayne Thomas Yorke, Catheryn Brockett, Time Winter and myself.

It will soon be available on iTunes and DVD. Here's a link to the Change Your Life website. You can sign up to get an alert when it's available.


Kristin Russell said...

Fabulous!!! Can't wait to see it. I'm ashamed to say, I got sucked into one of those juice pyramid schemes for a minute. Occasionally I'll still get the random check.

EmilyAdele said...

Hilarious! Have you ever heard the song "7 Days to Change Your Life" by Jamie Cullum? It could be the theme song to this mockumentary. I'm on my way to Nashville to see Jamie (again) tomorrow. Also, did I see Taylor Negron in there, too? I still quote his "Aaahhrea Rug" bit whenever I buy an area rug! And Tony Plana is super sexy and I am sad Ugly Betty got canceled.
By the way, my writing partner LOVES your book. I'm feeling a bit of regret that I did not recommend it to him myself! But who knew that a 40-something married black man would be such a big fan of your book? ;-) I think he may have found your book after I forwarded a couple of your blog posts to him. Then, while he was reading it he kept sending me quotes from it saying "this sounds like you" etc. So THANKS again for writing your book on behalf of Don, my writing partner.

Tomlinson-van Wunnik World said...

Laughing out loud at the trailer - can't wait for more.

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