Mar 19, 2010

Eat Pray Love, the Movie

I had a love-hate relationship with Elizabeth Gilbert's book, "Eat Pray Love." I loved her journey in Italy, liked her stint in India, and hated Indonesia. I was ambivalent about they way she finally made peace with her ex-husband .... in a cave in India, alone. Sure, she felt great settling accounts in a cosmic space, but the real husband wasn't there to respond. 

Nevertheless I was grateful for how she wrote. I read EPL while I was writing my book, and she gave me permission to write candidly and conversationally. Thank you Ms Gilbert.

Now comes the movie starring Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem.

I think will see this when it comes out.  It's directed by Ryan Murphy, creator of GLEE, so at the very least, the music will have to be terrific.

What do you think? Did you like the book? Will you see the movie?


Kari said...

I didn't like the book. I wasn't too fond of her as a person, actually. She was awfully whiny. I couldn't figure out why I was supposed to feel sympathetic for someone who could just leave everything and go on this big adventure. Like you, I enjoyed Italy, tolerated India, and hated Indonesia.

I like Julia Roberts, but I think I will probably pass on the movie.

Kristin Russell said...

Like you, I had a love/hate relationship with E,P,L. I like Gilbert's voice, but I disliked her presumption that anyone could take a year for self-exploration the way she did. Hello! Jobs, Money, Family? There was a bit of snobbery in the whole thing. But I will see the movie.

I started Committed, her new book on marriage, but put it down because it read as more of a cultural study than a personal journey.

However, I did enjoy her talk about genius on TED. She approached it from a very authentic, humble point of view.

When are you coming to Nashville?

Staci said...

I agree with you. I enjoyed the Italy section and India next, but was deeply uninterested in the Bali part. Hmmm. I remember thinking at the time that I liked the book, but it was the poor man's Under the Tuscan Sun. I connected more deeply with Frances Mayes' writing than Elizabeth Gilbert's for whatever reason.

I will definitely go see the movie, though.

Janet Oberholtzer said...

Like the book (well, most of it) and the movie looks great - will be seeing it.

KristyWes said...

Hey there, I too loved Gilbert's writing but was so disappointed in the ending of EPL. (Where was God?) I don't think I'll see the movie, at least not in the theaters. Maybe I would rent it, or watch it on a plane. But only if I was flying somewhere exciting myself. Don't think I could watch all those scenes of Rome & Bali, and then disembark in Detroit.

Annie Salness said...

I agree with you , Susan. I loved the part about fact, I wish there was a companion food and wine pack!
And Kari, I gave the book to two friends who were irritated and stopped reading it because they also thought she was too whiny!
If I watch the movie, I will wait to rent it.

The Weckler said...

I love Gilbert's CRAFT--she is an amazingly beautiful writer. But, I had mixed emotions about the book. It was very interesting to see her life in such a way, and as a recovering divorcee myself, I found some elements to be salve to bitter wounds. I just didn't necessarily agree with all the conclusions she came to.

I was intrigued by the one kind of yoga where she didn't move any muscles, though. I am not a big yoga person, but I have tried to do a couple stints of sitting and not moving. It's quite difficult! And I don't have bugs biting me atop my comfy cozy bed!

Movie should be well done, but yeah, probably a renter for me too!

Lisa said...

Liked the Italy part of the book, was ambivalent about India, and didn't like Indonesia at all.

And likely won't see the movie. At least not in the theatre...

EmilyAdele said...

I have had several people tell me I MUST read EPL. Some even made me promise I would. These strong suggestions have happened for the past 3 years (when was the book released?) and I finally bought it in December. I bought it after a bus driver told me I must read it during a conversation about my friend living in India for a year (for an IJM internship). The bus driver told me the book would help me feel connected to my friend while she is in India. I still haven't read the book. So far, emails and FaceBook have kept me connected to my friend just fine! ;-) I'll probably read the book eventually (to see why so many people are so passionate about it)...not sure if it will be after I see the movie or before.

Heidi Britz said...

I did enjoy the book, but didn't connect with the writer on a personal level (I did unfortunately connect very much with the mouthwater descriptions of Italian food!). For me, Julia Roberts has that same aloof, introspective quality to her characters/acting too, so I suspect she will fit the role quite well. Probably wait it out for the rental too.

Eugenie said...

I really did love the book....Interestingly, the part about making peace with her ex-husband is a huge part about why the book moved me. Having been through the most rancorous of rancorous divorces, it's pretty clear to me that an internal confrontation, forgiveness and letting go is sometimes the only closure that's available. I liked that her "process" (ugh...hate those type of words, but can't think of another) was not dependent on getting him to see her side, or even to listen to her. She experienced the catharsis she needed, and left him to find his own. Notably, I read recently that he's coming out with his own book this summer. We shall see if he affords her the same opportunity.

Hopefully I won't sound like too much of a fanatic when I also say that I keep the book on my Kindle because the 58th "bead" struck me as a pitch perfect meditation on the practice of prayer and the meaning of mindfulness in guarding our thoughts. I've read it so many times, I'm pretty sure the Kindle is about to blow a fuse.

Susan Isaacs said...

Eugenie: thanks for your observation about making peace with a rancorous ex. I hadn't thought about it but it makes perfect sense. Now I have to go back and read the 58th Bead!

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