Feb 9, 2009

Susan on Asphalt Eden

I'm going back to New York at the end of February to participate in the International Arts Movement conference, called IAM Encounter. I just got interviewed about my experiences at IAM on the blog, Asphalt Eden, which you can read here.

And now, a beautiful photo. The boats are in Huntington Harbour. The mountains are the San Gabriels, 45 miles to the north, through some of the most populated, industrial, grotty area of Los Angeles. The mountains look so close, that's how clear it was today. Makes you understand why people (want to) move here.


Ted and Lori said...

Where did this photo come from? It is off-the-charts gorgeous.

Matthew Paul Turner said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Coming from you, somebody whose talent I respect, it meant a great deal. So thank you. You know, in this crazy world of creativity, affirmation is sometimes needed. I can't wait to chat with you about your book!!



Steve said...


Much of California has these types of days. We have had a week of them this last week with the combination of storms and cold weather. It reminds me of my childhood when this was the norm, not the rarity.

Too bad is also interrupts the beginning of baseball season.

Steve in Central CA

Susan Isaacs said...

Steve: we lived in Stockton for two years when I was young; I remember the great weather. But yeah, bad for baseball. Will this ruin spring training for Manny?

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