Feb 13, 2009

Laughing about Fear, then Crying

I've met a lot of wonderful people through the internet: writers, creatives, seekers, thinkers, believers ... skeptical believers, believing skeptics. My favorite combination is funny and profound, sarcastic and worshipful. Some one who can make me giggle and then bring it home and make me cry. That's what author Matthew Paul Turner did to me in this video. He shared his essay about fear at his church last week.

Check out MPT's blog, Jesus Needs New PR. Great blog title, huh? Well, it's a great blog to boot.


Matthew Paul Turner said...

wow. thank you so much for your words. again, it made my day.


Anonymous said...


I've just stumbled across your blog and/or books, and I am a little but in love with what you write and think about.

I'm new to the writing scene, but find that I am quickly realizing that I've found a home.

I identify with the whitty raw honesty of life - and want to be more incorporated with people who live that way.

I'll be excited to see what your book holds!!

-J. E. Brown

Walter said...

What a great reading.

diane said...


where is my video?

diane said...

I thought I was that person for you?! WHERE IS MY VIDEO?!

So. I'm going to get another tattoo soon. I'm very excited.

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