Aug 26, 2006


This is it. I slept pretty well, I think I got six hours. My makeup and hair gals are heading over. The special effects crew show up shortly after, and all us bridesmaids are going to look fabulous. I had a waking nightmare: what if my dress got stolen? Well, I'd wear something else. Something borrowed!

That's one thing I don't have. I have something old: me. Something new: the dress. Something blue: the garter. something borrowed ... okay I may grab someone on the way into the sanctuary.

I'm not nervous. I'm excited.

I'm fine.

Except that, there's a portion of the service, "Words from the Couple," where Larry and I are going to say something special to each other, or the people there.

And I am drawing a blank. Writer's Block. Tongue Tied.
Everything seems so trite or redundant.

And I'm a writer!

It'll come to me.


Cassie said...

What a fabulous journey to share w/ you Susan! Thanks for blogging your experince. The wedding was FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

thinking of you today, love kerri

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