Aug 2, 2006

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A few blogs ago I commented on Larry and I looking for places to live. We cruised Los Feliz and Atwater. But apparently I didn't do the neighborhoods justice. Someone commented thus on my blog:

You must not spend much time in either Los Feliz or Atwater. Atwater in particular has a lot more than warehouses. Very walkable neighborhood streets with modest homes and neighbors who know each other. And a good deal of long-time locally owned businesses with pedestrian-friendly boulevards. Try Kaldi Coffee and Tea in Atwater on Glendale Blvd for some a/c with your latte.
Thanks for the info, Commenter! I have spent time in Los Feliz and am still underwhelmed for the overpricing. But I'm very grateful for the tips on Atwater. I'll make sure to check out Kaldi Coffee and tea!

On a less instructive comment, someone read my "Rejected By EHarmony" blog and sent me a scree: 'Oh you poor artists, you think you're so terrific. What are you, 15?" The commenter went on to admit that he/she too had been rejected by eharmony, maybe because of his/her/its problems with depression. I wish I'd left it up there. It was kind of fun to get my first scathing review. Reminds me of the composer Max Reger who, upon receiving a scathing review in the paper, wrote to the critic:

"Dear Sir: I am sitting in the smallest room in my house. Your review is before me. Soon it will be behind me. Sincerely, Max Reger"

I sincerely thank my Atwater connection for the info. I will definitely check out Kaldi. I remain underwhelmed by Los Feliz.

And as for the Eharmony Spewer: What a wanker. Sign your name.

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Hi. I saw your blog in Technorati. That's true -- if you tell the truth about yourself to the test (mood swings, etc.) the system decides it doesn't want you. It's mad!

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