Aug 14, 2006

Bono at a Church conference?

No, not really. But he did tape an interview with a megachurch pastor, that was played at a megachurch conference. I edited this content from Tony Morgan's blog:

Bono said he's never had a problem with Christ, but Christians have been difficult for him. Christians seem strange to him. They can be very judgmental. They tend to judge people by surface problems. They have been the preoccupation of the church. Grace turned this view of the universe upside down. It's hard for us to grasp grace. Bono said he's much more interested in grace because "I'm depending on it." Bono said, "I grew very suspicious of Christians, but I was determined to learn more about the life of Christ."

As for the poverty in Africa: "How can this be? In a world of plenty, how could people be left to starve to death?" That's not the way the world has to be. He couldn't put that experience out of his head. "We will never forget this." At some point, he knew he would be called upon to revisit the questions that experience raised in his life. Eventually he became involved in the Jubilee Movement in the late 90s.

Bono acknowledged that God has given him a voice to raise these issues and move people to action. But the church has been historically behind the curve in getting involved in social justice (i.e. civil rights). At one point that only 6% of evangelicals were concerned about the AIDS epidemic.

Bono said, "Love thy neighbor is not advice. It's a command. In a global community, the poor and the disadvantaged in Africa are our neighbors. Matthew 25:45: "Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me."

Let's stand up for the least of these. This isn't a duty. It's an opportunity and an adventure."

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