Aug 24, 2006

How Many REAL Hours Before The Wedding?

I used to play the count back/forward game with my sister when we were waiting for our summer vacation to start. If it was three weeks away, we'd count backward three weeks and try to remember what we were doing three weeks prior. In that amount of time, we'd be leaving on our trip!

It was our way of coming to understand the time we'd have to wait. What time was, really. Slow when you're not having fun, that's for sure

Larry and I have been playing that count forward/back game. Five weeks ago, we went to a barbecue at some friends house. We counted forward to our wedding, counted back five weeks. And the day seemed still so far away.

I can remember Larry saying to me just last week: yeah it's a full ten days away, and ten days prior to that seemed a bit in the distance.

But today is Thursday. I"m getting married in two days.

Two days ago, Larry got his sister from the air port. My sister and her family arrived that night. Two days ago was only the day before yesterday.

Yesterday, yesterday is so small an amount. I"m getting married in two days.

I can't count in atomic clock times. I have to count in solitude hours. How many hours of alone time will I have between now and the wedding?

Nancy's family moves to their hotel tomorrow afternoon. But then we're going to have a bonfire at the beach. And then the next day the rehearsal isn't until 1pm. But we've got to get there by 11am to put the supplies in the kitchen. And once I do that the rest of the day is going to be ... people people people. Rehearsals, pedicures, rehearsal dinner barbecues.

And then I wake up and the hairdresser arrives. THen I have to be at the church for makeup. Then they take pictures and then .. then it happens.

But it's not just the wedding, i've got to pack for two days at our getaway, and I have to start shooting a movie. So when I leave my house as a single woman I need to pack for a romantic weekend ... AND a movie shoot. and and .. How many real hours of solitude do I have before the wedding?

it depends on how much insomnia I get.


Good thing I'm marrying the right guy.


Levydry said...

Wishing you both all the best for this special day.


Joanna said...

Blessings Susan and Larry. Your blog community will be celebrating and thinking of you along with the one close by!

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