Sep 8, 2010

Your 20 bucks = 20 years of clean water

Two years ago our friends Lori and Ted adopted their son, Abe, from Ethiopia. Abe is such a charming, funny, expressive boy; he's definitely inheriting his father's personality.  But Abe's life could have been much different.  By getting involved in international adoption, Ted and Lori became aware of the fate of many people in Abe's home c. 

So much so that, Ted did something really COOL for his birthday that September.

Instead of gifts, Ted asked friends to donate to Charity:Water to help build a well in Ethiopia. They succeeded! Ted and Lori helped build a well that, while it wasn't right in Abe's home village, it was in the same region. It was one way they said "thank you" for their beautiful son.

So here's my Charity:Water pitch. This month I'm one of 30 bloggers who are trying to raise $30,000 in 30 days, to build wells in Africa, through Charity:Water. Here's the 30 Bloggers' Donation Site

  • $30,000 will provide clean water to 1,500 people. That's 300 families, 6 entire communities.
  • A single $20 donation provides clean water for ONE person for 20 YEARS 
  • 100% of the money GOES TO THE WELLS. Private donors take care of ALL overhead!
  • We're building for: the Central African Republic (scroll down a bit).
This PSA with actress Jennifer Connelly: envisions what it would be like if NYC didn't have access to clean water.

Or this video, featuring Beck's Time Bomb

If it's hard to think of this in specific terms, just think of little Abe.

Please consider donating $20. 
Go HERE for more details.

Thank you!

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