Sep 14, 2010

Emily Timbol Takes It To Video

Meet Emily Timbol. We connected last year after she read my book. She was a writer waiting to happen. She has since published articles on Relevant Magazine, and now she's taking it video. Here's one she made using the format of the Google "Search On" commercial. I think this is terrific.


Unknown said...

Susan! Thank you!! I'm leaving this comment from my new blog, which I started to help answer questions people might have about what I'm doing at Jacksonville's PRIDE festival this year. It's a work in progress, but I've got a new video up that some friends helped me make. I really appreciate the love, thank you. And like I always say when people ask me how I started writing, God showed me my voice, but you helped me get it heard. THANK YOU.
- Emily

Unknown said...

good post, susan. and well done Emily.

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