Jan 21, 2010

Susan thinks "Emily Thinks You're Awesome" Is Awesome

My friend Emily Timbol is a writer.  We met each other in cyberspace after she read my book. In fact she's one of the first people who emailed me after reading my book. I could tell she was a writer, though she didn't lead with that. She did admit to having a blog.   I encouraged her to submit some of her pieces. She's now a contributor to the Burnside Writers Collective, AND Relevant Magazine. Her first piece on Relevant was about going on a fast.  A very long fast. like almost 40 days.  When she started hallucinating about burger-topped pizzas, she knew it was time to cease the fast.Did I mention she is very funny?

Today she's got a new piece on Relevant Magazine about mentoring. Check it out!


EmilyAdele said...

Okay, you might not think this is amusing, but my name is Emily Kimball which sounds a lot like Emily Timbol (assuming the o is not long). Anyway, you are right, I clicked over to her blog and she is VERY funny! And, so are you, Susan. I have given your book to 2 friends already. Other similarities? I also have a blog, but even though my friends think I'm hilarious, my blog is not funny... not sure why I'm so serious on my blog (my piece this week connected a Mandela quote to Haiti and MLK Day). I also subscribe to Relevant Magazine, so I will be sure to check out Timbol's piece on mentoring. I used to follow Burnside, which is where I first read your work, Susan. By the way, thanks for your post after John Hughes died and insisting we click over to read "Sincerely, John Hughes" - great stuff. Oh, and I have fasted, but never for more than 3 days...I'm a wimp! I will stop rambling now and say- Emily thinks "Emily thinks you're awesome" is awesome...well, you are both awesome!

Susan Isaacs said...

Hey Emily Adele. Well, as I told Emily Timbol, KEEP WRITING. For your blog, and for your blog readers. It was through my blog that my editor found me. So whether you're funny or not on your blog, it's life to you and those you read. Thanks for your comment!

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