Jan 27, 2010

The Foodie Five Second Rule

The LA Times printed this, from the SFoodie blog at SFWeekly.com

You’ve waited hours in line to get your hands on Kogi’s Korean BBQ tacos, and as you step away from the truck, the unthinkable happens – your drop your meal on the ground. What do you do?


curiousceridwen said...

excellent. Still laughing.

princess pandemonium said...

Hey lady-
You've finally made up my mind for me- I've spent the last 2 weeks looking at an oreo I dropped on the floor- wondering if it had gone utterly to waste. I'm gonna go eat it right now.

I tried to drop you a line via your email- and it kept getting returned. So I figured I'd say hi on here.

This is Kate from Scum of the Earth...

...and you rock my worthless world.

drop me a line at idesellenrof@hotmail.com

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