Jan 25, 2010

All the Single Ladies, three versions.

Y'all may have seen Beyonce's video to "All The Single Ladies."
But have you seen the SNL version with Justin Timberlake?

Or the GLEE version? (My favorite!)


Sara Elizabeth said...

My favorite version of that song is by a YouTube duo called Pomplamoose! I love their version.


Other than that version, I like the Glee version!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Glee version is fun... Have you see MirandaSings version over on YouTube?


Maureen said...

LOVE the Glee version!!!

Lace Collar Wren said...

and really, where's the love for the Jonas Brother version? Give the hetero teen heart-throb credit for the tights and high heels. Although I am still explaining it to my youngest children ("But why, Momma, why did he do it?")

Susan Isaacs said...

Seriously there's a Jonas Brothers Version???!?!?! Must find that one!

Lace Collar Wren said...

it's joe jonas. prepare yourself. (as if that's humanly possible.) the publicity agent's unfiltered reactions to it are the video I really want to see, but that's not available...
youtube joe jonas dances to single ladies
and really, i apologize, suz!

Anonymous said...

Glee Version! My favorite!

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