Jun 4, 2008

Things You Do when You're Done Writing


I remember some relationship person said that women tend to stay in a relationship too long, and men duck out too quickly. Which would explain why Mitt Romney ditched his presidential bid as soon as his momentum slowed; and Why Hillary still hasn't officially called it off. I was listening to NPR this evening, some Clinton campaign staffer was upset at the democratic party hadn't voted for her because "they just don't get it." And I thought, "no YOU don't get it." They need to watch that Sex and the City episode, "He's Just Not That Into You." We're just not into her, that Hillary. And I voted for her in January by mail, before Obama fever took over. I voted for her because I thought she had the best experience on the Democrat side. Well the country wants change over experience. So let it go, Hill. I hate politics.


Speaking of Sex and The City, I didn't go see it this weekend. I called two of my friends with whom I watched many SATC episodes, seeing if either of them would want to go see the 2.5 hour film. They'd both seen it already. I'm thrilled that my friend Lori is coming back down to LA this coming weekend, because we can go see it together. I'm already expecting to love AND hate it. That's how I reacted to the series. I loved the friendships because they felt so real. I hated the sexcapades because I'm sorry, women can't jump in and out of bed and not be scarred by it. I don't think men can either, but it's even more evident with women, because sex is tied to community and nesting and feeling safe. But enough about sex in SATC. The clothes? If Carrie Bradshaw took all the money she spent on shoes, she could feed Darfur for a year.


I've been using my free time to complete my 2007 taxes, catch up on some netflix and podcasts. If you haven't already discovered Ricky Gervais' show Extras, put it on your netflix list. The backstage talks are as fun as teh show. Here's a favorite clip with David Bowie:

Well that's it. Another great thing about being done with a book. You can stop when you're ready.


Ted and Lori said...

That clip from Extras is probably the hardest I've ever seen Ted laugh.
And that's the most irritating thing to me of all about SatC: all that money spent on stupid shoes and how the assumption is made that all women care that much about fashion. It's a stereotype and it's irritating. But I still watch the show. It's shiny and sparkly and Carrie has pretty hair and Miranda's husband is the most adorable man on television, even more than John Corbett.

Michael Meulstee said...

Congrats on finishing the book! I've been kinda of a lurker here for a while.

I know this is long overdue but thanks, thank Larry too, for coming out to Philly for the singles thing, It was a good time!

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