Jun 16, 2008

Change Your Life! Video Clips

I did a movie a while ago, a Christopher Guest-style mockumentary called "Change Your Life!"; that skewered the multilevel marketing industry, motivational speakers, scams and stupid products. I finally got clips, so here for your enjoyment: These were half-scripted, half improvised, and total fun.

Les and Pam discuss the effect of multilevel marketing on their personal life.

Here's Pam waxing on about "The Secret" she's learning in a new self-improvement book.

Pam thinks "hell" is a "Gateway Swear Word."

Pam's email regarding a Nigerian Investment Opportunity!


Stephanie said...

"...or snacks"?? Hahahahaha! Oh, Susan, that's just perfect. I love these clips - post as many as you can get your hands on. This is really fun!

Madley said...

"Or snacks." WAHAHAHAH! ROTFLMAO! These were great!

Doug Perkins said...

Pam is so right - these people that say they're so hungry just need to work on their manifesting! From what I understand, first you learn to manifest dirt and stuff that food can grow in (that's probably as far along as these people ever got, is their problem), and then you work up to snacks, and then when you get good you can manifest food - and not just like McDonalds, but really good food like Pizza Hut and KFC! These people are just too lazy to be bothered to learn to manifest, I hate it when whiners refuse to help themselves!

Good on you Pam, you should go on Jerry Springer and then maybe when all the people in Darfur are watching on their TV sets you can set them straight - the world needs straight shooting thinking people like you!

Bez said...

Susan Isaacs, I miss being around you because you always make me laugh! The Christopher Guest movies are favorites of mine, and you are perfect in these clips. Well done sister. ~Christy T.

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