Jan 7, 2008

Wednesday On Strike For Baby Abe

Why can't baby Abe come home to his mom and dad?

A bunch of us are going on strike from food on Wednesday, ganging together to fast, pray, and think good thoughts for baby Abe who needs to come home to Portland.

Because of a court snafu, translation problems etc, the judge denied Ted and Lori's petition to adopt Abenezer. They're going to appeal, and we are praying that everything will be cleared up. How long the appeal process takes is still unclear. If you can, please skip a meal, a snack, a latte, or a day of indulgence, and pray for baby Abe, that he can get home to his Mom and Pop. For more info, visit Ted and Lori's blog

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Anonymous said...

susan - a similar situation happened with some mutual friends from camp up here. legal snafu's and whatnots in trying to adopt a young girl - but they are fighting it. i've heard the key is persistence. i'd be glad to provide their info if the couple you know thinks they could be of any help.

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