Jan 22, 2008


DONE. I turned in my manuscript. That does not mean I have turned in the last draft. It means I've turned in my manuscript. I'm already thinking about the holes in it, particularly the last three chapters. Moments of realization that must be reworked, cut, added, blah blah. But that's what days off and lots of sleep are for.

Larry and I are watching the LOTR trilogy as a reward. Tonight is the last half of III. I need to see Frodo get the ring to Mt. Doom. Kinda fitting. Except that no one comes back and tells him how to throw it in better, edits his journey and tells him to add a bit of trail here and there. Oh forget it, I just need to see that last glorious moment.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

And don't forget to protect your finger too.


Congratulations! I stand amazed.

Billy Ivey said...

Happy, excited and proud for you, Susan.

You go.



Lori said...

Clap clap clap clap clap! Applause! Roars from the crowd!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahhwaaahooooo!!!

Whatever comes next is whatever comes next. For the moment....CELEBRATE!!!!



Stephanie said...

Yay!!! Oh yay yay yay!! It IS possible. Real people DO actually write drafts and turn them in to editors for comment. It DOES happen!!! Congratulations!
(And Frodo the Heroic had to do all his editorial work on the way to the due date. Your way's a bit less brutal, and I prefer it.)

larwilson said...

I can't carry it for you, babe, but I can carry you. We're gonna get you up the rest of the mountain!

Bryan Allain said...

congrats on finishing the manuscript!

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