Jan 7, 2008

Deadlines Drafts Delays

Just finished a very busy Christmas season. My sister's family came down from Colorado. Larry finally got to meet my oldest brother Rob. My mother stayed on for a few days. It was great to take care of her. But it's sobering to see how frail she is.I'm not so sure if she calls me sister because she can't remember the word for daughter, or she can't remember my name. Or maybe she does think I'm her sister. I will never have the chance to be her peer again. But I'm grateful to still have her.

Speaking of mothers, a friend of mine has two of the most abhorrent individuals for parents. She also has a life-threatening auto-immune disease. She was visiting her mother out in the desert between Christmas and New Year's when her car had some problems and her disease made her nauseous. She asked to stay an extra day, but Mom wouldn't have it. Mom and step dad were having a dinner party, and a sick daughter was a hassle. I wanted to drive out to her golf club and bend a putter around her head.

I've been hurdling toward my book deadline. I will have a draft to turn in on the 15th, but it won't be my final draft. My editor realizes that. I want some feedback from her and at least one more pass at it. I was so worked up over the actual deadline. Larry asked me, mid-freak out. "what do you like about writing?" I had to stop myself: Oh yeah, I really like doing this. I needed to remember why writers write. Because we like to tell the story.

Larry and I thought about what we'd like to do this coming year. Larry loves reading N.T. Wright, and he wants to really live that life that reflects the kingdom of God. Not just getting to heaven when we die, but doing something NOW to see God's idea of the world happen: Love, mercy, justice, beauty, relationship, transcendence ... I can think of one thing I'd like to do to bring God's kingdom come: Drive out to the desert and humiliate my friend's mother.

Want something to pray for? Pray for our friends Ted and Lori. Their date for the Ethiopian court to review their adoption was on Friday. To make a long story short, because of translation problems, and the fact the birht mother was young and confused, the judge got skeptical and denied the adoption. Ted and Lori are devastated. Their agency is going to launch an appeal. But when and how that will happen is still a mystery, this has never happened before.

So if you can think of it, please pray for dear little Abe, that he can come home to Mom and Dad in Portland.


Lisa Milton said...

I don't know where to start: the unkind parents or the adoption denial. Ug!! I may have to take a 9 iron or some golf tool (yes, I know nothing) to those foolish parents.

Ok, I feel better now.

I am thinking of you and praying these last days before the deadline are as peaceful as possible.

(I'm a dreamer.)

Ted and Lori said...

That picture makes me miss the view from the kitchen window, especially if hummingbirds are flitting around.
Thanks again for the call to prayer. That's a true friend.

Ted and Lori said...

And that picture of you in the tea-cozy hat that I linked to our blog makes me laugh and get a little choked up all at once, every time I click on it. How lucky we are to have such interesting friends like you.

Bryan Allain said...

sometimes i crank call people from work. it's fun. I'm 31 and i have problems, but that's beside the point. can i have that mother's number so i can harmlessly crank call her whenever i need a release?

Stephanie said...

"Speaking of mothers, a friend of mine has two of the most abhorrent individuals for parents. She also has a life-threatening auto-immune disease."

Gosh. Go figure.

Ivey McCoig said...

DAMN IT, Susan. Now you've got me thinking...


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