Mar 6, 2007

Me and McDonalds Angus Burger

They're Grilling! McDonalds is testing a new Angus Burger, and I'm in one of their commercials.Playing a Kazoo!

They're testing in California, Boston, and New York. So if you're in them environs, go on, git yerself Angus Burger! And you may propel my commercial to national status, thereby contributing to the Susan and Larry retirement fund. Or at least, our health insurance. Or my career as a kazoo artist.


Susan Kitchens said...

Hm. There's a McD on the corner. I've never--not once-- eaten there. For the sake of your retirement fund, I may change my ways. :)

Doug Perkins said...

I can see it now, I go into McDonald's and say "Can I get a low sugar low carb protein style Angus Burger?" and the person serving me says: "que?" - then I try to explain and they resort to the only English phrase that they know, "So, do you want fries with that?"

OK, Susan, I don't want it to be said that it was the lack of a burger sale to me that your retirement was blown - is the commercial running now, and do the LA McDonalds have them yet?

Lisa Milton said...

It's a bummer you have so many tofu-loving friends. We are not McDonald's target audience. However. If the special burger makes its way up here, I will trot across the mossy ground and explain to my kids that we are breaking the 'we don't eat at McDonald's rule' because it just may be what Jesus would do. Glad to hear work is coming in (although some of it did sound a little creepy). Expect fan mail from my kids. They hate my rules.

Susan Kitchens said...

Tried one the other day. It was good. Not from the McD's down the street. I meet my WriteGirl mentee at a McD's so it's only fitting that since we sit in there and write, I should, from time to time, give them bidness. And I did. It was good.

BTW, congrats on the home thang. I spend lotsa time in Altadena. Town of the S.O. So you've at least one good neighbor.

Robert said...

I have to reply with This Video about the Angus Burger.


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