Mar 12, 2007

I Think We're At Home Now

After a long search, it looks like Larry and I found a house. To rent. We haven't got the money to buy. At least, not the extra $350,000 that drove house prices up in the last two years. We'll wait for the bubble to burst And yes it will. Talk to anyone who bought on the bubble back in the early 1990s and sold 7 years later. Anyway, we found this cute house to rent in Altadena. Larry works with the woman who owns it. She moved down to Redondo, so her house is sitting there vacant. It's small, on a small plot of land. but that makes it affordable for us.
Here's the lovely view north .... It's a nice place to retreat to. Quiet, close to the foothills. An easy drive for Larry to his job. So far Larry's been commuting 2 1/2 hours a day. Not pretty, especially for nature boy Larry. A not-so-easy drive for me to the westside. But I don't have to go there that often.
We'll probably be moving by May 1. I'm looking forward to having my mother visit and actually have a room for her to stay in.


Doug Perkins said...

Hey Susan, I am the kid that the movers in my neighborhood always hired to help them and I have a natural ability to judge size and space for packing things (I can hang pictures without a ruler and they's be within an 1/8 inch or so) - I'd be happy to be your main man when the move happens. Just rent a U-Haul and thell me where and when and I'm there - I actually sort of enjoy it...boy, I'm weird.....

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Congrats! I can't imagine a 2.5 hour commute. Ag. My husband's commute is over a hour and that is plenty. I really feel for you California girls when it comes to real estate. (Then I remember the weather there and my sympathy dissipates.) My sister-in-law is looking for a decent house for her kids in Poway and it has become a part-time job. Hope everything works out well.

Anonymous said...

hey it's me Kerri!

Good for you! Your house is cute!

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