Jul 30, 2009

Tour T-Shirt Ideas: I Need Your Votes!

I'm heading out on tour in September as the warm-up act for best-selling Donald Miller, who's out to promote his latest book, "A Million Miles In A Thousand Years." While there's little upfront money, it will pay off in book sales, not to mention the chance to tour with a terrific, well-known author.

Don wants me to make some dough and asked if I had a DVD to sell. I don't yet. But I've had some ideas for T-shirts. What do you think of these slogans? Would you buy them on a T-shirt? Some of these my manager doesn't think I could get away with selling them in a church foyer.

Which would you buy? In a church lobby or elsewhere?

Here are some with logos from the book.

Leave your preferences in the comments. Thanks so much!!


Emily Timbol said...

I like the "Sarcasm is a Viable form of Communication" one but think it would be cool is it had -God at the bottom, so we know who it's attributed to. Unless that's copywrited or something. Also, I'd buy that. Don't know about the MCWGDNOTS one though. I'm indifferent about the "I love you one". I LOVE the "kiss my dating ass goodbye" (top font) one but agree with whoever said that wouldn't fly in most churches (unfortunately)

Also, you need an assistant on this tour? I am totally willing and able to quit my job to fold T-shirts.

Cindy said...

I agree with the other votes; however, the "I love with the love of the Lord" could also be, "I love you. In God's way." we always said that as kids. Anyway, that's my two.

Gretchen Magruder said...

I love the Middle Class White Girl one!!

Allen L. said...

I agree with Emily.
I think the shirts are all too clever by half.
I like the My Conversation shirt, but I think it's funnier if the Me part was just, What's up, God, are you trying to kill me? And then God gets the Shut the ____ up line. I do wonder if it will fly in a church, but it's funny.

Caridad said...

This is why blogs are so wonderful-- a great public forum!

The sarcasm Ts seem to me like the ones that would sell quickly -- that's the phrase I think of first when I think of the book. For some reason the "Conversation with God" and the "I love you with the love..." designs are confusing to me. But any version of "Kiss my dating ass goodbye" is hilarious and probably what I would buy first.

I should say, by the way, that I saw you read in Portland and really enjoyed it and the book as well. I was the friend of Kelly, who taught a memoir class at Imago Dei. I was also the one who had you sign my book, "You are not crazy!" Anyway, I really enjoyed your performance and it got me thinking a lot about rekindling my interest in theatre and comedy. Thanks for that!

Ted and Lori said...

I LOLed at the short conversation with God. I'd wear it.

Larry Shallenberger said...

Love the sarcasm one.

Love the conversation one's too, but think you might have a hard time selling some inside churches.

dave said...

Would like to cast my votes for "Sarcasm is a viable form of communication" and "Bachelor Til the Rapture"--they're the ones I'd most likely buy. I like to think of sarcasm as my love language. I do think "Kiss My Dating Ass Goodbye" is great but, personally, it would clash with my reasons for supporting the "Bach til the Rapt."

Anonymous said...

Oh, Susan, if only all your decisions this year were of this magnitude!! They are all great shirts, and I would possibly become an instant affiliate-member of any church that had them for sale in the lobby/narthex/chancel/altar area.

Since you asked for feedback, I would say Kiss my... and Bachelor 'til... are my least favorites, and MCWGDNOTS and My Conversation... are my top favorites.

I assume all shirts would have a little "angryconvos.com" thing on there?

Also, Sarcasm is... would make notecards I would purchase. Just sayin'.

Can I call you Kimora Lee Isaacs now?

Bob M. said...

Font #1. Definitely.

Otherwise, my support would only damage your cause.

(I'd wear 'em all. In pink.)

Joe said...

For guys: Sarcasm. I would buy the 'Bachelor til the Rapture' shirt only if it said 'I would be a Bachelor til the Rapture if I could still have sex.' That one would sell in churches.

For women: 'I love you with the love of the Lord. Only.' Because EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH has said that to me.

But I'm not bitter.

I like the first convo shirt.

I like the first font.

Opening act? S#!& you are such a rock star. Have fun.

Michele said...

Is the "Bachelor til the Rapture" for Don, to ward off his over-eager female fans?

Amy said...

Hi Susan, I REALLY like the conversations one. All the disapproving church people in the foyer can just shut the #$%@ up.

Tim McGeary said...


I love the sarcasm one. I would buy that in a heartbeat. I agree adding the quote credit to God would be a nice touch, if it isn't copyrighted or something.

Definitely font 1 for kissing my dating ass, though I do wonder how well you could get that and even the censored conversation ones to sell. But you know, everyone knows Don is a cussing, emergent heretic so wherever you are speaking is already expecting that anyway... ;-) So go for it!

Adrienne said...

The sarcasm one is awesome, as sarcasm is my spiritual gift. Well, it would be if a spiritual gift if it didn't drive people from Jesus.

Basic black.

DO-RE-MI Ventures said...

how about "I dragged God into couples counseling"

or "is snarkasm my spiritual gift?"

Jen said...

I would definitely buy and wear the Sarcasm one. It really sums up the book, and shoot, it's funny whether you've read it or not.

Also like the Middle Class White Girl slogan, but I wouldn't wear it in pink. Black all the way for this dark, tortured artist soul. :)

I vote font #1 for Kiss My... and that seems to be the popular choice.

So looking forward to the tour! :)

Hell On Wheels said...

The sarcasm one is also my favorite.

But I would buy all of them.

OMG. These are so incredibly great.

Chandra said...

I like the womens Sarcasm one and the my conversation with God in either form. It may not fly, considering my sense of humor and what I consider "acceptable" to say in church usually shocks, I'd say it may not. But I think you should go for it anyway. I also like the first font for the "Kiss my dating ass goodbye" Once again don't know if it will fly. But I like em, and think most people who would love your book or can relate to it would as well....

Caridad said...

Have you read Shalom Auslander's memoir, "Foreskin's Lament"? Parts of it are bitingly funny, but his angry-at-God-memoir approach is so heavy-handed, it's a little hard to digest. So I've decided that I much prefer your approach. Snark works wonders for doom and gloom.

TheMom said...

I laughed out loud at "I love you..."

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