Jul 17, 2009

Christian Music Graph

I can't take credit for this one. It's from Graph Jam.

I'm also a bit perplexed at the feature I added below, that tries to lead you to similar posts. I'm not sure why a humor post would suggest you want to read about my Thanksgiving trip.


Steve said...


Maureen and I were discussing a somewhat related ethical topic. If your "Tramp Stamp" is a cross, does it negate the trampiness?

Steve Baking in Central CA

Susan Isaacs said...

Steve: LOL! THAT is a tough call. I knew a gal who had "God's kid" tat on one cheek. She wasn't trampy.

But a crucifix right over your crack, visible on beach day, that might be a bit outre.

Please don't tell me it's YOURS...

Steve said...

No, not mine. I saw one at a baseball game tonight. It begs so many questions. If the cross is on the back, does that mean God is behind you? And why not on the front? A cross peaking out of cleavage? There would be a mixed message. Too many questions and not enough brain cells.

Your friend's tattoo makes me wonder what is on the other cheek?


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