Jun 14, 2009

Weeping lasts for a night; Dogs come in the morning

Larry and I let the idea of a dog go for the time being. I was emotionally exhausted. But Champion Corgi Lady kept looking. She knows where to look, since it's her goal in life to rescue these guys. She found a couple of ads for corgis online and sent me links: a stud dog that's 'no longer needed for our breeding program' (that makes me sad. Why not neuter him and just keep him as a pet, since he's yours?), a seven month old pup that hadn't been sold yet.

But by the time I followed the links, they'd been scooped up. However, one ad had a link to a breeder info website. The link in question, all the pups were sold, but there was another ad for And there was one link for four-week old corgi pups!

I emailed, called, did everything to get a hold of the breeder. And waited.

Larry drove home past the bike shop. He's been resisting buying a new bike for the past year ... the cost, blah blah. But his bike is 15 years old, and he hasn't been out riding it for at least a year. The doggy disappointment sent him over the edge, so this time when we stopped he was ready to buy one. (This is what you do when you hit a midlife crisis, and you're too old to have kids and too poor to buy a sportscar: you get dogs and bikes.) Not that I'd want him to get the red sportscar. I like Larry as he is. A guy who buys bikes, not cars.

We got home and there was an email from the breeder. Yes, she had four tricolor males left, and sent pictures. "That's it," Larry said, "Tell her we want one, and send a check." Yea. Finally!

But then Corgi Lady contacted me about a 1 1/2 year old "free to a good home" corgi. My heart sank. I've wanted to save a rescue before buying a puppy, and this guy looked really sweet. I guess it's me and my bleeding heart, the person who'd rather eat fast food or go hungry than spend money on trendy gastrobars; who'd rather be married to a guy who buys a bike than a Corvette. Who'd rather save the outcast than jockey for the popular pick. But I have my cat. It's going to be Larry's dog first. And Larry's wants the puppy.

Corgi Lady's going to get the "free to a good home," and I know she'll find him one. (anyone want a really sweet 1 1/2 year old dog, let me know and I will hook you up with Awesome Corgi Lady.) And we're going to get this guy. We're paying a breeder fee, but she's half the price of the other breeders we contacted; and not anywhere near as emotionally expensive as losing a dog in a raffle.

So this is our guy. We'll get to take him home on July 11.

The breeder said that once we choose a name, to let her know; she'll start calling him that, so he'll know his name when we get him. He's a Welsh Corgi. Got any ideas for a good Welsh boy name? Besides Aberystwyth?


Claudia said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so extremely pleased for you. I was reading the text, and looking at the pictures, and to be honest while I was reading the stuff about the 'free to a good home' corgi, in my secret heart I was thinking 'oh, I hope they got that unbearably cute puppy'. So glad you did!

I was reading a baby name book yesterday and actually came across a Welsh name that meant 'dearly loved'. I remember thinking 'oh, what a lovely meaning'. Of course, now I can't remember what the name was. And it could have been for a girl. Hmmmm, I'm not really selling this, am I??

Emily Timbol said...

Since I'm really busy at work, I naturally chose this happy occasion as a great excuse to test my google skills. Take that insurance company!

Here are my favorites I found:

Elwyn (sounds like an ewok from star wars name and I think it means "friend")

Cedric (if you can manage to not think of Cedric the entertainer everytime you call him, it means "kindly and loved")

& my personal favorite

Lloyd (but only if you call him Lloyd Dobler. I love Say Anything)

Congrats! He's adorable!

Anonymous said...

That's so exciting, Susan! Hooray for Larry, and you, and for Honey - puppies bring joy to everyone.

I agree: Lloyd Dobler is a great name for a corgi-son. Or a human son, come to think of it. I too searched Welsh names: I was amused to see Caradawg means dearly beloved (supposedly.) Cadwallader meant battle-leader, Harri meant home-ruler, and Enfys meant rainbow. (I just like reading Welsh names. Got an extra G in my last name, and all these odd spellings make me feel right at home.)

For meaning alone, I like "Little Fortunate One" - because that's what your guy is. But the Welsh is "Madog." Although the amusement factor is high there. However, another one I liked was "Ianto" - which means "God is Gracious." And the name ends in a vowel, which reminds me of a favorite passage of mine from the book The Swiss Family Robinson, where one of the boys insists that all good animal names should end in a vowel, so when you call it loudly it sounds better.

Jen/aazmom/mom to "Maggie" and "Mickey"

Janet said...

The best Welsh name I know is: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

You could call him GoGoGo for short...

Susan Isaacs said...

HAAA HAA! Gogogoch.

I told Larry I liked the name Bruce. I mean, come on. A dog named Brooooooce! Or Hugh. "Hey Hugh" sounds just like "Hey You!"

Or Bungee.

Winston and Dylan are Larry's front runner names. Dylan is Welsh; Winston was John Lennon's middle name.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Too, too cute. Can't wait for him to arrive...

gilliebean said...

Congratulations!! I think a corgi named Winston is terribly cute.

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