Jun 13, 2009

Take a Dog Breather

It was two days since we lost the corgi raffle. Larry and I settled into our sadness, as well as the greater awareness that God is good even if he doesn't get involved with day to day disappointments. Well at least not those involving dogs. The longing and disappointment didn't belong to the dog; those are my emotions, not the dog's. He'll be happy wherever he goes, as long as the new owner is a good dog person I hope the owner's wife isn't the lady with stilettos. And if she is, well, maybe the chubby Chinese guy really needs that dog for solace. Who knows.

The Corgi Lady has been awesome. She started trolling the web immediately, looking for corgis for sale or adoption and sending me links. Talk about a kind, forgiving person.

I stopped by the Pasadena Humane Society, knowing it was too soon to look again; knowing that no dog would be good enough unless it looked like the corgi we lost. And then I saw this.

Yep. Time to give it a rest.


Mike said...

I love Gods sense of humor. I love it!

Kathy Rainwater said...

So...what do you have against roosters? Huh? Huh?

Everyone deserves a stable home, Susan. Tisk Tisk.


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