May 31, 2009

My Sister-In-Law on Swiss TV!

My brother Jim is getting married! For a 52 year old classical musician to have found love is probably more remarkable than Larry and me. Jim met Annkatrin at a classical music worship conference in Zurich four years ago, saw each other again at the same conference two years later. We love AK, she is beautiful, talented, and such a bright wonderful personality. My brother is one lucky dude.

On top of that, she is an accompanist for the Zurich opera. And well, Jim is a classical music journeyman in LA. Where would YOU rather live? Exactly.

Anyway, there's some new hip opera bar in Zurich where these two groovuen dudens play classical music instead of hip hop. They were interviewed on TV and who should be in the bar but my sister in law to be! This is in German. At about 1:45, the interviewer asks Annkatrin what she thinks of the groovendudens, and she says, "They're no where near as cool as my fiance!"

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Kim Gottschild said...

That is so cool! How exciting for your brother and your family!

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