May 31, 2009

Finally, Angry Convos on CNN

Finally I was able to procure a copy of my CNN interview about "Angry Conversations With God," thanks to my high school drama teacher who recorded it. It was shown live at 5:45am on the very first day of Daylight Savings, which means only four people saw it.

A car was going to pick me up at 4:45am in time to get me to the CNN bureau in Hollywood. Being the first day of Daylight Savings, I set my clock forward an hour. But my clock had an auto feature on it that jumped ahead anyway. So I woke up at 2am.

The car drove us to Hollywood. A guard led me into a green room, but no one else was to be found! I knew I was going to be on camera at 5:40am. And at 5:35am a PA came in, took me into a booth, put me in front of a camera and gave me an earpiece. The camera was operated robotically from there. Totally surreal.

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