Mar 22, 2009

Susan interviewed on "52 Weeks To Find Him"

My Friend Neenah launched a website, "52 Weeks To Find Him," to try to find her Mister Right. She ended up on Good Morning America and all sorts of news sites, but in the process is asking her friends (married and single) for advice on finding the right guy.

She interviewed me about some of the stuff in my book relating to dating. Here's the video, enjoy!


Madley said...

Great interview with wonderful (and obviously SUCCESSFUL) advice! I'm looking forward on hopping on the right train... :)

jenna said...

susan, you come across so well on video! you speak clearly and with a friendly and thoughtful look...well done!

Jeannie said...

Susan, I just bought your book and I must say, you've ruined my day. The kids are at grandma's, hubby and I are alone for another 15 hours, and all I want to do is read your stinking book.

But i am so happy too because as I read the book jacket and saw the word "slut" in a Christian book, I knew that there was another edgy and spirited writer out there publishing with Christian publishers and selling in Christian bookstores.

Looking forward to reading your book as I get rid of my husband and son later on this week (they're going to Boca, I'm home with the baby).

Jeannie said...

Thanks for sending my link on. Yes, I bought your book at the Family Christian Store in Naperville, Illinois (might be Aurora).

It just popped out at me. Usually I'm too cheap to buy books at a bookstore when I know I can get a better price on Amazon, but I couldn't help myself.

Loved the introduction and I'm on the second chapter. I got interrupted when the dryer buzzer went off (my husband is sleeping), and of course I'm obsessed with my laptop so I had to go online one last time tonight, then I realized I hadn't spell checked my latest blog entry and am now completely horrified that an author was on my site and now I'm not sure if I spelled horrified right.

I must have had too much me-time this weekend. The kids have been with grandma since Thursday so we could go "out of town" although we just went downtown (Chicago) for two nights, then snuck back home and have watched at least 14 episodes of 24 in the last 36 hours.

I gotta get up early to go pick up the kids, but I'm wired enough that I should get a chapter or two more read. I'd love to do a book review for you once I've finished. Would you allow me to guest blog on your site? I'd love it!


*Insert Nom de Plume* said...

I tried to send an email through your website but my computer won't let me; but I desperately wanted to write to thank you for writing Angry Conversations with God. As others have already said, I literally laughed (out loud) and cried, (though weeping would be more accurate)(sometimes in the space of moments) while reading your book. My name is Anna Joy and, well, I am you. Or at least a twenty one year old cerebral palsy "afflicted" (or something) version of you; We have a lot in common, from the love of John Lennon to the obsessive search for the healing wounds inflicted by a "GADDHAMMIT", conservative, and generally, raving father, to the disillusionment with the Christian community, a drill sergeant vision of God, and a love of art and writing (and this is the short list). It's really funny, too, that one of my oldest friends is a gay Mark.

The best part is that your observations about God have convicted the crap out of me, will be with me for a very long time. And, while it probably will irk you to hear that what I related most to your "authenticity", it is very true; I was touched most by your honesty and irreverence and bravery. And the lack of "prettiness" when speaking of God. I have wanted to punch out many Martha's who offered platitudes when I was in places of great plan.

Anyway, God shines through your life, and your writing. Thank you so much for telling your story, for the sense that I'm not alone in my foibles and struggles. There will be countless others who will be impacted and helped by this book. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. so much for playing your note. You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

Anna Joy

Claudia said...

Really liked this interview - also very impressed by the fact that your necklace matches the wall hanging behind you! Very impressed by your accessory-home decor coordination :)

(ps am going to borrow the phrase 'boring as cheese').

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