Nov 24, 2008

Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy

Leave it to comedian Louis CK ...

Preach it, brother!


Stephanie said...

THIS IS GREAT!!!! I'm going to put it over at my blog too. I just called the only other person who's home to come watch it - THANKS!

Steve said...

To comment on this will just show my age. I think we call this common sense.

I have said privately that we, as Americans, need another Depression. So much wisdom gained and so much waste exposed. The scary part is I'm not sure we can "handle the truth."

Appreciating my parents and grandparents in Central CA

Susan Isaacs said...

Steve, I think you ARE right. We do need another Depression to set not only the banks straight, but our own spiritual overspending and our entitlement. I too am so grateful for my parents and grandparents! Thanks for your comment.

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