Nov 21, 2008

Book Site is Up, and a Podcast as well

Done! Angry Conversations With God now has its own website. I've posted info about the book, book Tour Events, and great endorsements from great people like Don Miller, Jim Gaffigan and Nancy Stafford!

My first book tour Stop is at International Arts Movement's IAM Encounter, February 26-28, 2009, in New York City. I'll be performing, leading a writing workshop, and you can buy the book before its Drop Date. The masterful poet Billy Collins is "headlining," so why wouldn't you want to come?!

The lovely Christy Tennant of IAM interviewed me for an IAM podcast, and has been cruel enough to extend our interview into three parts. You can download or listen to the podcasts here. She'll also be interviewing Billy, and I'm sure he'll be a man of fewer words than I.

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Bez said...

But I bet he won't be as snarky!

Though you never know... I've been immersing myself in his work since we booked the interview, and I have to say - he definitely has some snark! We should call the Encounter "Snark in Action" instead of "Art in Action."


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