Feb 6, 2008

My Cat Loves Larry

Ever wonder how your pet is going to get along with your new significant other? When I first started dating Larry, he said he "wasn't much of a pet person." He said it was because the pain of a beloved pet's death was too hard to deal with. I wondered if that was why he hadn't gotten married yet. Well Larry soon took to my cat, Honey. Which was the first sign he might be up for marriage. Of course, Honey's hard not to like. She's very friendly and social. She loves to be wherever the people are. Here she is, insisting she play a part in Larry's writing sessions. Or rather, here's Larry, indulging Honey in one of her cuddling sessions, no matter how inconvenient.

The other night, Larry spent a good 20 minutes petting and scratching Honey to the point she stretched out so long, she bent backward so far she lost her balance and tipped over.

Ah, nice. Ah, soo so nice I may even stretch backward.

Maybe I'm a bit far back ... woooooah! Act like nothing happened.

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