Nov 11, 2007

Why The WGA Is On Strike

You may or may not know that the Writers Guild of America is on strike. You may or may not care. But for those of us who are trying to make a living in the entertainment business, it does matter.

The issue is over residuals. Networks don't want to pay writers a piddly 2 1/2 percent residuals for shows broadcast over internet. And everything is going to the internet. And if writers don't get them, you think we actors will? My brother-in-law was an accountant for MCA Universal. He saw where the money went. It's one reason he left entertainment biz. Studio chiefs and networks make gazillions of dollars. And they charge their lavish lifestyles to a production. Because they can.

The Youtube video below will explain it all. or read this blog posting from Ed Bernero, producer of Criminal Minds .

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Lori said...

Yay, awesome video. So well explained. Did you see the one with some of the writers of the Office? It's hilarious and explains things well too. Thanks for posting this.

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