Nov 4, 2007

My letter in the Times

Every once and a while an article prompts me to write a letter to the editor. Like downward spiral musings of Chrissy Hitchens in "Why Women Aren't Funny." Vanity Fair published part of my response, along with scores of other women. And I got a good rant of it on Burnside. A week and a half ago, LA Times writer Carina Chocano "No Laughing Matter For Actresses" about the dearth comedy roles for women. Which is probably a better examination of the issue. Anyway, they published my letter in the Sunday Calendar Letters today! I don't know if it's available online but it's on Page E2 of Today's times. Aw heck, here it is. ...

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Stephanie said...

Succinctly perfect, perfectly succinct. (And wouldn't you think it would occur to a movie making company somewhere along the line?)

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