Jan 18, 2007

Tired of Tofu

I've been a new food plan that's good and clean and healthy. And for the most part it's been good. However, I am tired. Tired of tofu. Weary of its tasteless, boring, bleak appearance and texture. I know they say that tofu can take the flavor of anything you put on it. But I can't put chocolate sauce and whipped cream on it. Not on my new food program.

I'm also tired of cooking. Tired of cooking and chopping and chewing. I'm especially weary of chewing. One good thing about a Snickers. In four easily swallowed bites you've downed 300 calories. But try downing 300 calories worth of carrots? Or red peppers? Man that takes time. And chewing.

The good thing is, bed time is only two hours away, and a new day on the other side. And that means, OATMEAL. Which is so much more flavorful than tofu. Especially with sugar.

No, Susan NO.


Madley said...

I'm reading another fellow's blog who's on the same 30 days as you... man, you guys are hardcore!
David Chiu

Good luck (a day at a time of course)!

Leslie said...

Kudos to you, Susan. I wouldn't eat tofu if it came wrapped in a gold ribbon, carried by dancing elves. Fruits, veggies, yes... tofu, blech. You've got fortitude!

matt said...

susan, kudos for sticking to your program! i hope it all works out for you. you might be interested to know (as a fellow comic and actor) that I just published a blog about Phil Hartman - I don't know if you ever worked with him but I was thinking about him alot and was forced to write something about his life today. it's at gravenrecords.blogspot.com - check it out! let me know what ya think.

p.s. try tofu mixed with light soy sauce, crushed chilies and some worcestershire sauce on rice. the goods!

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