Jan 10, 2007

A Response to Hitchens

I've got a new piece on Burnside Writers Collective: Christopher Hitchens Has Jumped The Shark. It addresses Hitchens' embarrassing rant in Vanity Fair, Why Women Aren't Funny.
Have a read!


Anonymous said...

You totally underplayed the weight of this article. It's a fine, incisive piece of writing. Deserves to be widely published and read.

Anna Waterhouse

Anonymous said...

I think that what Peter says about Paul(ette) says more about Peter than it does about Paul(ette). Poor man. I wonder who scared him with her wit. (And I never squealed to anyone about my husband that "he's sooo funny!" I told people he was smart. And good. And self-possessed. He's funny too, but that's mine.)


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Again, I say, bravo. (If I keep saying it, you may say, 'stalker'.)

I forgot to mention that I loved the first grade picture - too cute!

Anonymous said...

susan - that picture of you is just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! i loved the article. i forwarded it to my friends & they all loved it too. keep up the good work. love,a.

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