Oct 26, 2006

Forget gas prices. What about Darfur?

I don't know if you saw the segment on 60 minutes about Darfur. The dictator of Sudan is Arabic, and he is conducting massive genocide of anyone who is not Arab. The Sudan military goes into ethnic-African villages in the south at night: kills the men, rapes the women, throws the bodies into the water supply so the village is uninhabitable. And then burns the entire village.

So the survivors flee. But that's not enough. The Sudanese (arab) government bulldozes the refugee camps after chasing the people out in the middle of the night. (see what's left of the Al Geer refugee camp at left)

This makes mockery of our problems, doesn't it? And what is the US Government doing? Very little. Unless your'e a nihilist, or a true evolutionist (survival of the fittest fits nicely into this scenario), this must stop.

Here are some resources to learn more about Darfur.
US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Evangelicals For Darfur... email the White House urging the president to DO SOMETHING.
Voice of the Martyrs has been dealing with this persecution for several years.

Okay, you can go back to kvetching about Exxon's multi-billion dollar profit


Doug Perkins said...

I went to these site links that you have here and was of course appalled....which is really way too weak a word to use. It seens like the spiritual forces that worked through the Nazis are alive and perfecting their craft through the Arab race all over the planet right now - it almost seems like this is worse than 60 years ago because they don't seem to be trying to mask what they are doing at all from the rest of the world and just started right off with "the final solution" that it took Hitler years to work up to.

I have no idea what can really be done about this by the US right now, but it is clear that we have to write in to the egovernment and pray like crazy.

Anna Waterhouse said...

The scariest, most frustrating part is that we're in bed with the leaders of Darfur -- stepping gingerly around them for bits of information about al-Quaeda! Which is why our proclamations of "genocide" have no teeth.

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