Jul 12, 2006

I Created A Monster!

One of the things I love about Larry is he’s a computer nerd. The fact he was a Mac guy was enough of a turn-on, but that he was an internet junkie and blogger, impressed me so much I knew I had to marry him. Of course I impressed him when I told him how got my computer out of a kernel panic by launching in single-user mode, checking the volume with fsck and resetting the disk permissions. I know, I know it’s getting hot in here.

So aside from our shared spiritual, artistic and intellectual values, our idea of a perfect Saturday morning is finding a coffee joint with free wi fi and hanging out for hours. We are the geekerati.

I’m sprucing up my website. I’ve got a ways to go, but it looks better than my original garish green and pink scheme that resembled the Teen scrapbooking aisle at Target.

I installed a free web counter service from Stat Counter to see how many people are reading my blog. Well this one goes a lot further! It tells you things like where the viewer came from, the name of the viewer’s ISP (internet service provider) and the location. For example, my stats show views from someone at: dhcp.psdn.ca.charter. Larry lives in Pasadena (psdn), he’s on charter.net. That’s him looking at my web page. Gotcha, Lar!

I told Larry and he installed a counter on his web page as well. And he checks it several times a day. The other Saturday night he was over and brought his computer. When he had been silent for over five minutes I went to look, and he was on his stat counter alright.
I could waste hours looking at this stuff,
he laughed.

I didn't. He already had. But I still love him. He's that right blend of geek and groovy.
However, I'm banning Stat Counter from the honeymoon.

Knowing who checks your blog can also be creepy. For example, there's "someone" on AOL in or near Reston Virginia keeps going to our websites. They check our sites several times a day, and stay less than a second. every time There’s someone in Blantaeng, South Africa doing the same thing.

I think it’s an unmanned data mining robot, finding out what commercial products we mention. Or else it's one of those spybots from NORAD. Or it's an earthink spybot. You know they've got deep pockets in Scientology. Good, now I can unload all that dirt I know about Tom Cruise and
would ruin his
signed an agree
paid the guy off.

So, now Larry checks his stats every day, several times a day, to see who’s reading him, and how often. But not getting readers could send him into a funk. Imagine how much worse that he can’t even post onto his blog today.

He emailed me today in despair over his inability to blog; quoted Genesis:
"I am lost, formless and void!"

Which only proves that other verse in Genesis: It is not good for man to be alone.


Elleann said...

Here's a probable answer to your mystery one-second blog visitors, Suz. :-) Someone like me, who 'discovered' you and Larry after your InFuze story was published - we emailed a bit, you might remember? pops over to your/his blog, sees (in one second) that there are no new updates, and pops off again...

Simple, huh? And btw, I've never heard of the place in SA that you mention, so that's not me ... :-)

Joanna said...

I have been lurking around having discovered your blog a few weeks ago, so I may as well introduce myself too. I have enjoyed your sharing and writing! Your honesty most of all.

Joanna said...

I have been lurking around having discovered your blog a few weeks ago. This would be a good time to introduce myself too. I have enjoyed your sharing and writing! Your honesty most of all.

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