Feb 23, 2011

On Anatomy & Physiology

In keeping with yesterday's post
Here's a gorgeous poem by Dave K. Wheeler.

I still remember just how you look
naked, the pale curve of your back,
the quiet inlet where it bends
to meet the taper of your waist,
shower water wending where it will
along the architecture of your form.

There may have been studies of a form
such as yours, that begged charges look
and chart the firm geography they will
find around each smooth surface and back—
from the ankle to knee and knee to waist—
while changing, adapting as the figure bends,

saying, Note where the wrist starts, thumb ends,
and how the hip tendons each transform.
And every student might attend to your waist
but neglect the collective, assembled look
produced by the bones in your neck and back
how they form a straight line of poise and will.

Maybe what I saw when I saw you naked will
amount to what makes or breaks or bends
me. I caught your eye, and you glanced back.
You didn’t flinch or show the slightest form
of embarrassment. I remember the look—
a subtle nod and smile—you might waste

as if it were a familiar gaze, might waste
in calm, in nonchalance, in pure goodwill.
Or maybe this gaze is the way you look
into me, past the way my own body bends
to cover my soul, to hide and conform,
to be sure and have my own back—

to hold close and hold tight and hold back
like anxiety for being seen from the waist
down, naked, vulnerable, without form.
Maybe it won’t matter, and maybe it will;
but, having caught you so bared unbends
me, makes me measure, take another look

at my maudlin self—a cruel look to see my back
still bends wrong, my legs, trunk, hands—a waste
of time to contest if ever I will match your form.

On Anatomy and Physiology is from the collection 
Contingency Plans: Poems (T. S. Poetry Press, 2010)


theresa said...

"...from the waistdown, naked, vulnerable, without form."


Simone Says... said...

man, i don't know if i want someone looking at my naked body that closely...

David K Wheeler said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Susan!

Susan Isaacs said...

Dave: how could I not? Perfect for this week's theme, and some beautiful antidote to the sexless passionless faith we are protesting

Maureen said...

This was one of my favorites in David's collection.

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