Jan 10, 2011

Whip My Hair

This is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's daughter singing. The video is inventive but the song's value is lost on me.

I had no awareness of this song until Fresh Air's "Best TV of 2010" episode last week. David Bianculli said that one of his favorite TV moments was Jimmy Fallon's entire hour with Bruce Springsteen. If you didn't see Jimmy Fallon do "Born To Run" on the Emmys, you must. Fallon may not be your favorite late-night talk show host, but he's a dead-on mimic. Here he is as Neil Young, with Bruuuuuce, covering the ridiculous song.


Anonymous said...

wow that was a pitch-perfect impression! By both guys actually!

D.L. Diener said...

back in the olden days we called it head-banging. oh man this makes me scared to be parenting children right now (what will they find entertaining? what kinds of music they'll use to rebel against me?):shudders:

an also proud to say- didn't know about this song until your post.

kind of sorry about that last part.

walks away muttering "I should have never clicked on that link. Now that stupid song will be stuck in my head all day."

poor kid. she's not going to live that one down easily.

Karen said...

At first I thought Whip My Hair was a ridiculous song, too. But as a (hopefully) future mom of an Ethiopian little girl, I think it has something to do with helping little black girls to feel okay about their hair. From what I've read / heard, it's a HUGE issue among African American women (ever seen Chris Rock's movie "Good Hair?").

So now I think "Go Willow!" Here's what the Washington Post has to say:

Susan Isaacs said...

Karen, you've definitely got a point. I have to see Chris Rock's documentary. And congrats on the possibility of adopting from ET. You may know my friends Ted and Lori Rooney, and their adorable boy Abe. They're prepping to bring home their second, a five year old girl. If you aren't already connected, visit their blog http://www.ourownrooney.blogspot.com.

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