Dec 17, 2010

Steven Colbert on the gospel

I just love Steve Colbert, preaching it on prime time.

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Steve said...

Bravo! I think Christ has been taken out of Christmas already. Too much. I'm pretty sure the Republicans and the Democrats have missed the boat about Jesus.

Steve in Central CA

Susan Isaacs said...

Yes Steve, you're absolutely right. Both sides have got it wrong. Love that Colbert is just talking about the gospel on TV!

dale carroll coleman said...

Wow, very interesting.
Not sure where he really stands but awesome to hear Jesus name shared in a mostly positive way.. though quite colorful. That is what draws one to Steve Colbert :).
Truth is the best of us screw it up.
Its really so simple. "Do you love me? Then feed my sheep." The command is the same to all of us though it will look different in how each of us carry it out .
keep up the good work. love your blog.

Julie H. Schaal said...

Wow! That is some real Good News! Love it!

Kari said...

Loved this. Thanks for posting it - this was the first place I saw it. Also, wanted to tell you that I saw your Twitter post about Millions. That's one of my favorite movies of all time, not just Christmas. "Can I still do good with it?" Yes. Because of all that messy redemption. Love it so much.

Susan Isaacs said...

Dale: Colbert is a very outspoken Catholic Christian. He teaches Sunday school. I love seeing his periodic bits on TV where he just preaches it between jokes.

Kari: Yes, I just LOVE Millions. Messy redemption, what a great way to put it

elisa.marie said...

Woop woop! Go Colbert! Thank you for posting this! :D

EmilyAdele said...

Loved this, shared it with friends who shared it with more... I love that God's truth & grace can be shared via snarky humor- hilarious!

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