Jun 15, 2010

Thomas Kinkade, painter of light, in a dark spot

Thomas Kinkade was just arrested on a DUI. Bummer.  Maybe he can put up a few paintings as bail. That is if they're not fakes. Apparently he's also in trouble for shipping fakes to galleries.  Oops. I know some people love his stuff. He never quite did it for me.   I found a few of his paintings, tweaked, on  somethingawful.com,  a site where snarky people do snarky things.   Take these Kinkade paintings that have been photoshopped for ironic, snark effect:

Okay so they get a little dark. But the Verizon guy in the bushes was pretty funny.
This one is my second-favorite.

This is my absolute favorite. I once saw it in a fake ad on either larknews or ship-of-fools

Thomas Kinkade Toilet Paper
Stick the painter of light where the sun never shines.

Come on, that's genius!

What about you? Do you like Kinkade? Did you like him before he got over-saturated? (not soused as in the above-mentioned DUI) I mean, he might be good like CSI or Glee.


April A. Meyette said...

Being an artist myself I can appreciate his talent with using color and light in his work, but his style was never my thing. I'm more for the raw and organic - I know, they have become overly used words which is a shame - mixed with industrial conceptual images. But the way he used color and light was inspirational from an artistic point of view. However, when my husband and I were walking the streets of New Orleans one year (long before Katrina... probably 10 years ago now) we stepped into one of his shops there and we found 3 or 4 other artists in the back painting on his prints little dabs of color here and there to make them more "authentic." But this was the thing that irked my husband and I to no end, especially in light from the artistic perspective - they were then selling these prints at high prices, claiming Kinkade had painted on them himself, and saying these were highly collectible because of it. My husband who was never a fan of Kinkade in the first place came to loath his "work" even more. The icing on the cake? When my parents bought 2 of these so called collectible prints of his a couple years later and thinking they truly had invested money, thinking the artist himself had painted on them. When I told them the truth of the matter it saddened them greatly. My husband and I have known for over a decade that the man was a fraud. It saddens me because he was talented, but he let money enlarge his head. :(

Stephanie said...

No. He's "good" like McDonald's is good. Good like passes the health inspection and gets a license, but not good in any other way. Allowed to serve the product, popular because there's no work involved for anyone who wants some of that stuff, and appealing to the parts of being human that we were put on earth to overcome.

Not that I have an opinion.

There's no point in gloating over a public disgrace - anyone can screw up. But his musak version of painting? Ugh. No. Not even in the sappiest of sappy children's books, written to teach a moral. Blech.

Taking Heart said...

hehehehehe.... that toilet paper is genius... I want some. No really... I want some of that toilet paper Susan Issacs....lol

Um. No. I have never been into his art. Never. Okay maybe just this one time... when I saw it as a border on a rental home... hehehe... actually it was hysterical.

What's not to love about paintings of just one house with candles in the window after another.

A DUI... really?

Anonymous said...

Never really liked his work either.. just seemed so, uninspired. I do however like the one with the scream in it. :)

He seems to have found a kind of style many people like.. and stuck with it for the money. I can't say that for sure.. it is just the impression that I get.. and to be honest, I never knew a thing about him before reading this post. It's hard to not just see his art as commercial. Would be interesting to see what he would do if he let go a little bit.. he obviously has some talent.

Ted and Lori said...

I'm about to send this to a few people.

Mike said...

I am all about an artist who just does decorative art, I think it has its place.

I love his skill in creating scenes and creating ambiance.

I just feel that his art is void. I look at it and it feels so manufactured. Theres nothing there. Its kind of like looking into a mannequins eyes... theres nothing there. When that happens you're no longer an artists and all you are is a machine.

I never liked him, and going to art school just exemplified my dislike.

Yvonne said...

The DUI doesn't completely surprise me, since I've heard before he has had some run-ins with drunkenness. That was also around the same time that I heard a rumor that some movie was going to be made about him.

As an artist, I am not a fan of his paintings. I personally feel they are candy coated, saccharine garbage. OK- that's a little strong. But I do think that his paintings depict a sweet white-suburban utopia. Sure his (original) paintings have the merit of being painted well, so he's got skill. I just wish he wouldn't use that skill to do quiet little cottages that are supposedly heavenly. I for one would find that really creepy.

SJ Austin said...

The TP was from The Holy Observer. I know because I wrote that tagline. :)

Susan Isaacs said...

SJ: That's GREAT! The best tagline ever. I couldn't remember where it had been posted. Nice work!!

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