Apr 28, 2010

Glurge Movie Trailer

Okay this is actually really funny. I know you've seen this movie trailer. A thousand times.


Kristin Russell said...

Very funny! What is this from??

Susan Isaacs said...

I think they're just two sketch comedy guys who made it. I don't know where they got the dough to produce it so well. It nails every cliche you've ever seen. They must have copied some existing movie trailer. the music is spot-on.

Heather Palacios said...

Just went back thru your book & counted 140 checkmarks. Every time I i.d.'ed w/ something u wrote, I checked it. It's what my "Rudy" recommended. She knows it's been painful 4 me 2 climb "Mount God" & perpetually feel like no ones w/ me because no ones ever gone b4 me. Your book proved otherwise. Thx 4 writing it. And thx 4 ur willingness to bare & share. I'll be better because of it. Grateful, Heather

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