Feb 4, 2010

"Rejected by eHarmony" on Fox

Finally! I got a hold of the footage of a Fox Morning show I did last year.  They interviewed me on the fact I got rejected by eHarmony three times.



Claudia said...

This made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Hilarious!!

Heidi Britz said...

Eharm me has scarred a lot of us, hasn't it? I loved your response to being a "deep thinker and off the bell curve". My "deep and personal" connections were sadly neither (but did hook me up with a sociopath in seminary). Well done Susan!

Susan Isaacs said...

Oh dear, @Heidi: a sociopath in seminary? Then again, I'm afraid to ponder how common that is.

Sara Elizabeth said...

How funny. So glad somone from eHarmony was there to speak up. I will say that from everything I've read online eHarmony seems the most legit, though sometimes hard to get approved. Between the many questions, big bucks, and approval process it seems they might have a better listing of singles than others sites like Match or Yahoo Personals.

Love your blog, by the way! :)

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