Oct 6, 2009

Why I Love Glee

I was never in show choir in high school: the drama and vocal music departments had a rift, and so I never got to do a musical.

I heard Glee's creator Ryan Murphy on "Fresh Air" in April. He said there's something amazingly tender and vulnerable about high school kids just singing their hearts out, and cited the success of American Idol as proof. The proof for me was watching this in the pilot. A show choir on steroids singing Amy Winehouse's "Rehab."

Larry and I don't watch TV. We don't have cable, we take forever to watch our netflix. But I've been tuning into Glee every week now. Here's why.



dubdynomite said...

I can hardly ever watch any television show when it actually airs. In the case of Glee, thank goodness for Hulu.com.

I'd been hearing nothing but great reviews on this show, so I found the full episodes online. I've only watched the first two episodes, but I am loving the show.

I love how they weave the musical numbers into the theme of the show.

I think my favorite element in the show is the little flashbacks that get inserted mid-conversation. Hilarious. And the ego-maniacal coach of the Cheerios is the best character on the show.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Glee is so much fun. Thanks for posting this one!

(I think of you often, on the road, and hope you are well and having the time of your life. ox)

Michael Pitts said...

Isn't it great, Susan, to be watching the return of musicals? I've been introducing Karen to classic musicals such as Singing in the Rain, Fiddler on the Roof, and Oliver! When watching one recently she commented "Wow, they don't make movies like that anymore." Hopefully this is changing.

MTV is Dead! Long Live the Musical!


Maureen said...

I LOVE glee...and I heartily agree with dubdynomite...Sue Sylvester is the best character on television!!!

ps. in a bad way of course :)

kirsten said...

Doing backflips across the stage doesn't hurt, either. :o)

Taking Heart said...

Stumbed on your blog after googling you... My friend invited me to see you and Don next week. I'll be sending my husband out to get yours & his books so I won't be driving 3 hours to hear two total strangers speak. Right now I'm finishing up Francis Chan's Crazy Love.

Btw, I love snarky people. Especially snarky people who love Jesus.

Happy touring! See you in Evansville... and on twitter.


Taking Heart said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I mentioned you in my most recent post... just a snurpit... with a link mentioning your book. I enjoyed your therapy very much! It hit home...

See you tomorrow evening! Happy travels!

redhead.kate said...

I am completely with you...I adore Glee. As another non-cable girl, it's nice to have something good on TV. Hmmm, not that there is really anything good on cable either. It is a good thing that I live by myself because I'm sure I look a little crazy singing my heart out along with the show.

My plans have changed, so instead of the Charlotte show, I'm looking forward to meeting you in Greenville on Sunday.

LJ said...

This is going to sound really weird (and stalker-ish, but I'm not), but you were in my dreams last night. I dreamt that you'd written "Valley of The Dolls", but I couldn't figure out how you could be the same age as me and write such a well know novel at such a young age. It was such a real dream to me that I had to google who did write the book. Boy were my tired eyes relieved. You're a good write, but not that good. And I mean that in a positive way.

Susan Isaacs said...

Oh that is a very odd dream. But I too am relieved that I am not "good" enough to write Valley of the Dolls. Though that was a break-thru novel for women writers. I'd love for that part of your dream to be true. :)

jenna said...

I really need to start watching Glee. It looks SO good.

I wanted to tell you that I am going to be hearing you speak in Nashville on Nov 20th! I'm very excited!! :)

John Mark said...

This comment is not about Glee. I met you tonight in Bloomington and my lovely girlfriend, Corinne told you about my amazing blog that only she and my mother read. Here is my link: http://jmwoelfel.blogspot.com/. I would be honored if you would follow it (you can just pretend you read it and were moved).

Great job tonight.

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